Fee Arrangements

Our fee arrangements help to differentiate PriestleySoundy from our competitors, in particular because:

  • We don’t have expensive offices
  • We don’t have costly support departments
  • We don’t have armies of lawyers waiting to be deployed on a deal
  • We don’t have other services to cross-sell by force-feeding clients
  • We don’t have inexperienced lawyers developing their skills at the client’s expense
  • We don’t have to fill out time sheets or account for every working minute
  • We don’t have any billing targets

We are upfront and transparent about our fees which are always fair and reasonable and which we tailor to fit the transaction or project in question by using, for example:

  • Firm quotes
  • Fixed fees
  • Discounts for aborted deals
  • Discretionary elements for performance
  • Staged workstreams
  • Outsourced cost-effective solutions
  • Payment-in-kind arrangements