At PriestleySoundy, we are not in the business of undertaking transactions on a one-off basis.

We accept instructions only on the basis that we hope and believe that they will lead to a long-lasting and rewarding relationship of mutual benefit.

So, even after our representation has concluded, our clients continue to rely on our expertise and our extensive network of contacts for all sorts of aftercare services including the following.

Aftercare – Deal Related

• Debriefings
• Deal Bibles
• Deal Handbook
• Housekeeping
• Safekeeping
• Confidentiality
• Diarising Key Dates
• Due Diligence Follow-up
• Data Room Upkeep
• Communications
• Publicity Checks

Aftercare – Ongoing Work

• 100 Day Plan
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Company Secretarial Work
• Process Agents
• Secondments
• Protocols
• Personal Tax Filings
• Joining the Club
• Procurement Schemes
• Sustainability

Aftercare – Exit Preparedness

• Getting the Timing Right
• Business Preparation
• Beauty Parading Advisers
• Warming Up Bidders
• Interim Staffing Solutions
• Inventing a Cover Story