Accreditations / Testimonials


LGC Group

Keith Donald
(General Counsel at LGC Group and various other companies)

Mark and Sarah are impressive lawyers with a wealth of experience in multi-sector corporate work with a unique offering in the legal market… independent, objective legal guidance with a strong slant towards commerciality and win/win… with an ability to link clients to their wide network… operating with a high degree of emotional intelligence… creating an effective positive culture and so close the deal efficiently.  These are the partners who I want to be sitting next to me at 3.30 a.m. when the pressure’s on to get the deal over the line.

Tomorrow Partners

Neil Thomson
(Co-founder at Tomorrow Partners)

I have worked with Mark and Sarah for many years in both the context of my own business and in client-facing engagements.  As a result of their excellent work, I have felt able to recommend them to other friends and colleagues, particularly for assignments where creating a personalised, highly trusted working relationship is essential.


Chris Busby
(Partner and Head of Investment in Northern Europe at Bridgepoint)

I have worked with Mark for well over a decade, on deals across multiple geographies and sectors, and continue to be impressed by his ability to manage the legal complexities alongside the softer skills needed to find an agreement. Legal excellence is a given, but it’s the combination of a personable style and problem-solving mindset which sets them aside.


Goldie Hawn
(Actress, Producer, Singer and Philanthropist)

PriestleySoundy have been beyond helpful to the Goldie Hawn Foundation. I am incredibly grateful for their generosity and commitment to help and advise us on important legal matters.


Stephan Lobmeyr
(Co-founder at capitalD)

Legal firms are about individuals. We have been successfully working in different set-ups for two decades with Mark and Sarah. Their being independent enables us to get the deep experience in a more efficient manner than working with the big firms.


Jamie Beaumont
(CFO at Kano Computing)

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark and the team for over 10 years. Over that time, two things have always stood out: a real focus on the right commercial outcome for me as a client; and a genuine sense of being cared about.  In many ways PriestleySoundy is like having the very best of in-house counsel combined with the deep expertise and experience you would expect from a top City law firm. My first call would never be anywhere else.

Growthgate Capital

Karim Souaid
(Managing Partner at Growthgate Capital)

We have had the privilege of working with Mark Soundy for a good part of 10 years… We have stuck with Mark and his Partners, guided by the principle of seeking most objective advice, sober counsel and a steady hand, at times of successes as well as of challenges in various business cycles…  In emerging markets’ jurisdictions, where the rule of law is nominal and the legal environment less than optimal, Mark and his Partners have permitted us to navigate unchartered territories and to structure our investments whilst keeping with the strictest standards of transparency, efficiency and governance… We recommend PriestleySoundy strongly and unreservedly… for proficient, independent and unbiased legal advice.

Mark Ransford 1

Mark Ransford
(Private Investor and Advisor)

The partners at PriestleySoundy are a cut above the standard law firm – high quality advice and personal.  They clearly love what they do.  As a client you feel blessed to have PriestleySoundy in your camp.


Stephen Grabiner
(Private Investor, Head of Media at Apax, Managing Director of The Daily Telegraph and CEO of ONdigital)

I have worked with Mark and Sarah over many years. They are both exceptional lawyers with excellent commercial instincts and the ability to present legal issues as business decisions.  Most importantly, they are good people and great to work with – not something you can say about many lawyers today.


John Davison
(CEO at Pillarstone)

I have worked with Mark throughout my career and Sarah for the last ten years. They have had the misfortune to work on some of the toughest and most intractable situations that I have been involved in. What sets them apart in my experience is that they have always really told me what they think and taken a long-term view and focused on what is right rather than trying to maximize fees in the short term. I have always felt that I have a partner with me, and one that takes the time to understand what I am trying to do and where needed is prepared to challenge me as robustly as needed. They are both technically very skilled, but more importantly for me they are both creative problem solvers who are always available and always current and immediately on top of the issues. True old school partners who go through and live the challenges you face on the planes, in the meeting rooms and on the phone with you.

Natalie Tydeman 1

Natalie Tydeman
(Private Equity Investor and Non-Exec)

I have worked with Mark and Sarah on private equity transactions for over a decade. They are outstanding in their pragmatism and clarity when working through complex legal negotiations, their ability to understand the commercial priorities and key sensitivities of each individual client, and most importantly their skill in finding a route to alignment between diverse stakeholders.


Martin Baines
(Senior Adviser and former Chief Executive Officer at Quilter Cheviot)

I have worked with Mark and Sarah on a number of transactions and highly value their personal service, market knowledge and professionalism. They stayed close to me and the broader management team throughout the transactions and guided us to successful conclusions. A genuine personal service, exceptional market insight and great execution.

APSE Capital

Tim Green
Apse Capital Limited

We have known Mark and Sarah for many years and worked with them across multiple transactions. What most stands out is their ability to help navigate complex negotiations with a commercial approach, always without ego and with a smile on their faces.


Dan Awrey
Professor of Financial Regulation
University of Oxford, Faculty of Law

Mark and Sarah combine unrivalled technical expertise with decades of experience at the cutting edge of private equity practice. This combination gives them the ability to understand the bigger picture and, more importantly, to translate this understanding into exceptional advice for their clients. It also gives them the ability not only to solve the myriad of problems that can arise in complex transactions – but to proactively identify and address them. Bottom line: while management teams inevitably face a host of difficult decisions, choosing Mark and Sarah to represent them should not be one of them.


David Craig
(CEO at Refinitiv)

PriestleySoundy remained focused on supporting the team: thinking through options to negotiate a fair and balanced outcome. Their support and expertise was very strong. They bring a tremendous amount of industry experience and knowledge and deliver in a very client-friendly way.


Dave Meller
(Group Support Services Director at Belron)

I had the pleasure of working with Mark and Sarah on the design and implementation of a new multinational equity-based management reward plan.  It was an extremely sensitive project involving careful negotiations with new owners under significant time pressure.  They were, quite simply, perfect to work with!  They are true experts in their field but more important is the trust they built with me and their skill in working with the other side.  You cannot ask for better people to be in your corner.

Bristows Logo

Matt Dennis
(Corporate Partner at Bristows)

Mark and Sarah are hugely experienced in buyout deals.  They are completely on the money with what’s market, and, as a boutique offering, are perfect for management teams wanting top tier advice.


Jim Easton
(CEO at Care UK Healthcare)

PriestleySoundy provided our management team with advice during a relatively complex transaction.  We benefited greatly from their technical capability, clear and engaging communication and ability to walk the line of pushing as hard as possible for the best management deal – but no further.  As a result, we materially improved the position for the team whilst retaining strongly positive relationships with our investors.


Stephan Wilcke
(Private Investor, Independent Non-executive Director, Head of Financial Services (Europe) at Apax)

I have worked with Mark and Sarah for almost two decades, initially wearing a Private Equity hat on some tricky deals which required not just excellent legal skills but also their famous human touch to get them over the line.  Latterly, in my capacity as an Independent Non-executive Director and Investor, I have been fortunate to have them on my side of the table again, with very satisfactory results indeed. I could not recommend them more highly.


Tzachi Wiesenfeld
(Chairman at iLOQ)

Mark and Sarah supported me in negotiating all the agreements related to my new chairman’s role, including investment documents, service agreements and side letters.  During the process they demonstrated high quality work, professionalism and great attention to detail.  On top of being such experienced lawyers, I’ve been impressed by their common sense and their ability to prioritise and focus on the important matters.  They are tough negotiators, but with a class act.  I will definitely be using Mark and Sarah again.

Reassured 1

Laura Benton
(Founder of, and Chief Operating Officer at, Reassured

I have often said throughout this process just how much we value you two. We feel real affection for you both personally as well as being astounded at just how incredible you both are at your work.  This was the first time I have ever done anything even 1% of this magnitude. Without you guys there and the way you have helped us along I truly wonder if any of it would ever have happened.  You went above and beyond on so many things.  You have had our backs at every point and because of you we have ended up with a deal that we’re really happy, that we have confidence in and that we understand.  Your sense of humour along the way has also been more appreciated than you can imagine. We really felt that if we had you two on board everything would be ok.  I rarely trust people quickly, but for some reason I knew from the minute we met you that you were the exception.  I can say totally genuinely that I trust you both implicitly – always will.  Thank you both once again for everything.

Reassured 1

Steve Marshall
(Founder of, and Chief Executive Officer at, Reassured)

The Signing on Friday was the pinnacle for me and has to go down as one of the most memorable and emotional days of my life.  Last week was also incredible!  Friday would never have happened without both of you by our sides and I can’t think of two more special people that myself and Laura would want to have done this with.  This was a team result – without doubt.  But your leadership and crisis management allowed the ship to be steered in the right direction and to get us over the finish line.  If Carlsberg created M&A lawyers – it would be you!


Michael Black
(Managing Partner of BDC & Partner of Bridgepoint

I have enjoyed working with Mark and Sarah for many years through their various blue chip legal firms.  Mark has always combined strong legal insight, practical advice and a calm commercial approach with a highly energetic, personal service.  He understands client goals and objectives and works tirelessly to deliver them.  I am sure that they will make a great success of PriestleySoundy.


Daryl Cohen
(Director at Capital D)

PriestleySoundy provided exemplary leadership and advice allowing us to successfully sign a complex deal within an exceptionally tight timeline.


Hamilton Matthews
(Former Chief Executive Officer at Acuris)

PriestleySoundy are a rare pearl.  They manage to combine market-leading experience and advice with practical, personable execution.  Thank you for all your support.

David Wall

David Wall
(Consultant, Senior Adviser and former Chief Executive Officer of Ardagh Metal)

I would be delighted to recommend PriestleySoundy.  They leverage deep experience to provide pragmatic material advice when and where needed in a timely and efficient way.


Carrie Holt
(Consultant and former Corporate Development Officer at Acuris)

Quite simply, PriestleySoundy encompass everything you want from a law firm. Their accessibility, tenacity and exemplary expertise leaves you assured that your objectives are in the hands of a best-in-class team.


Darren Pocsik
(Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Refinitiv)

Top notch lawyers and zealous advocates for their clients. They are experienced and pragmatic and have an uncanny ability to distill complex concepts into plain English.

Andrew Tyler

Andrew Tyler
Consultant, Senior Adviser and Independent NeD)

What a combination!  A true one-stop shop of expertise, delivered with a delightfully personal touch.

Tony Denunzio

Tony DeNunzio
(Consultant, Senior Adviser and Independent NeD)

In complex deals, management teams need trusted advisers by their side.  PriestleySoundy are those trusted advisers.  They get the deal done.


Alex Fergus
(Chief People Officer at Refinitiv)

We felt reassured and confident as a result of PriestleySoundy’s deep expertise and their proactive approach to maintain being out in front of every risk and eventuality.  We deeply appreciated PriestleySoundy’s personal partnership and had fun with keeping things light and in perspective whilst dealing with significant issues and risks.  PriestleySoundy negotiated hard on our behalf and always had out backs.  We will be forever grateful for the tremendous work and significant value PriestleySoundy created.  We could not recommend PriestleySoundy highly enough!